A Digital Agency for Good

Born from a desire to help those who seek to improve our world, Emergent Digital provides marketing services for the greater good. We support Social Enterprises, Nonprofits, B-Corps and educational institutions, aiding their causes by increasing awareness and audience within the digital community. Our clients emerge visible, productive, and powerful as we bolster their noble efforts in digital partnership.

We specialize in
emerging digital media

Search engine marketing and optimization (SEM, SEO, PPC) are in our DNA, and we excel at earned and paid social media, cultivating an authentic presence with engaging content and efficient audience acquisition. In doing so we help our clients grow with speed and scale. Our acquisition strategies are cultivated through deep experience with some of the biggest brands on the internet, and we want to give that power to those who most benefit the world.


We’re a flexible team of silicon valley veterans, digital media specialists, content producers, social media managers, and innovators. We move quickly and intelligently. We strive to make a difference. Come with us. Let’s change the world together.