3 Steps to an Awesome Email Marketing Campaign

Send Emails that Engage Readers, Inspire Action, and Drive ConversionsRyan Crockett, Social Media Content Strategist Emergent Digital

By Ryan Crockett, 1 July 2016

Is email marketing truly dead?           

There seems to be a currently popular idea that email marketing is on the decline, in a nosedive, not worth your time and energy as an advertising professional. The rise of social media marketing, paid search engine advertising, and even communication apps like Slack have put a dent in the prevalence of email. on’t say “RIP” just yet.

Don’t say “RIP” just yet.

Email marketing is still an extremely effective component of digital marketing, and email remains the most widely used communication software on the planet. There are more than 250 well-known email marketing solutions on the market including MailChimp, Constant Contact, and GetResponse.

email marketing statistics data
Digital marketers use email performance data more than ever. Source: Forbes

Email is still the primary source of analytics data for digital marketers, as 41% utilize this tactic to learn about their target audience and customer base. 25% of polled Americans still say they check their email “way too much” and 89% of advertisers state that email marketing is their primary method of lead generation online.

Email Marketing that Stands out from the Crowd

email marketing mobile
It’s imperative to design your email for mobile optimization

These are some serious numbers, eye-opening statistics that show email marketing is very far from “dead”. Devising a high-quality email campaign can create impressive ROI in the digital space, earning you access to new markets and driving conversions as you learn from the insightful performance data gained along the way.

So how do you stand out from the crowd with email marketing? In a day and age where inboxes are flooded innumerable daily emails, how do you write emails that are opened, get read, and encourage action?

We thought you’d never ask! Here’s our top insider tips for better email marketing.

Pique Their Interest with a Unique Subject Line

Your first goal and barrier to success in creating a successful advertising email is motivating your audience to actually click and open your message. With such a high volume of emails received every day, you need to grab their attention with an engaging subject line that stands out and gets noticed. There are several ways to do this:

These are just a few of the way digital marketers improve their click-through rate (CTR) in email campaigns. If you’d like to learn more, the Emergent Digital ad consulting team is always a click or call away!

Provide Value to Your Audience with Succinct Enthusiasm

Maybe the number one rule of writing copy for email marketing campaigns is the time-honored adage, “keep it short and sweet”. You want to offer the reader something of sincere, concrete value like a free professional consultation, high-quality original content, or insider advice that isn’t readily available online.

The basic idea is that you want to make the reader an offer that’s more than worth their time spent reading your email. When this isn’t accomplished and you’re asking for more than you provide, we call this an “unfair value exchange” and it has a very negative effect on conversion in email marketing. This also makes writing a shorter, more succinct message more valuable to your audience because that’s less effort expended on their end. You’ll want to do all this with vibrancy and enthusiasm because nobody wants to respond or take action with being excited about doing so in the first place. Get some energy behind your words!

Use Your Unique Voice, Make it Personal, and use an Email PS!

Boring your audience with an uninspiring, impersonal message is the fastest way to doom an email marketing campaign from the start. Just like crafting a unique subject line to encourage the user to open the email, writing a unique message in your own distinct voice encourages the reader to follow through on your call to action. Avoid vague, generic language that may appeal to a wide range individuals and focus on your specifically defined target audience. Then, be yourself! Don’t be afraid of adding a bit of flair in language or using common vernacular. It’s not unprofessional in this context, it’s endearing and usually has a positive effect.

Email marketing is all about establishing a genuine connection with the reader, so you have to make it real. Use the word “you” to address the user directly, utilize a unique salutation that includes their first name if that information is available, and write email copy that feels like a casual conversation with natural language. The more your email reads like a message sent by a friend or family, the more receptive and at ease your audience will be. In the same nonchalant and relaxed spirit, harness the power of the PS! After your email signature, include a short email PS, a final note to inspire action and make your message truly memorable.
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