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The Challenge

A leader in college textbook rentals and additional student services, and with a good track record of running SEM and affiliate channels in support of these businesses, this client historically lacked experience in combining efforts with display, paid social and other ‘upper-funnel’ digital marketing channels.

The Goals

Client wanted to a) Profitably expand large scale ‘lower funnel’ paid media campaigns through peak seasonality, while b) Simultaneously testing ‘upper funnel’ paid media and evaluating incrementality.

We set ROI and volume goals for existing lower funnel media such as search engine and affiliate marketing. We also set up tests for ‘upper funnel’ media such as display advertising, streaming radio, and social media in ways that we could detect of they provided incremental conversion lift.

The Results

Lower funnel media – search and affiliate marketing - we exceeded plan by 50%, driving nearly 6x ROI on search and affiliates while growing a $2M plan into a $3M media plan. We did this by pulling budget in from other sources and re-building the plan on the fly.

Upper funnel media - over the course of the semester we tested an additional $2M on upper funnel media:

  • Google Display Network
  • Criteo
  • Facebook
  • Pandora & Spotify
  • Buzzfeed

Of these channels, in this case we were able to validate Facebook and Spotify incrementality and roll these channels into the next quarter’s plan!

The Challenge

A RingCentral competitor for small and medium sized businesses, our client had a superior pricing and feature offering and was looking to boost sales through digital marketing.

The Goals

The Client wanted to expand their digital marketing efforts, with a significant increase in ROI & Volume.

The Results

Emergent conducted an extensive audit of existing paid media efforts across existing publishers:

  • Google Adwords & Bing Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Apple Search
  • Remarketing with AdRoll

At that point we took control of the campaigns and this is what we saw over the next three months without increasing marketing budgets: :

  • 22% Increase in customer acquisition volume
  • 24% decrease in Cost Per Acquisition
  • Shift of budgets from lower value conversions to higher value conversions

In addition to paid media, we signed on to do an SEO project in conjunction with their site re-design. We provided ‘low hanging fruit’ recommendations for their existing site and focused the bulk of our efforts on building the new site as SEO-friendly as possible, to maximize impact.

Cross-channel work: Where we had powerful keywords in paid search we’d compare notes with SEO and determine whether to build a dedicated page to attract both paid and organic traffic. We cross-pollinated keywords where there was opportunity. For example, after finding success in PPC with ‘[competitive service] alternative’, we built an SEO-optimized comparison page that attracted immediate rankings and high-value organic search traffic.

SEO and PPC - two great tastes that taste great together!


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