Philanthropy Education & the Nonprofit Generation

The Spirit of Charity runs Strong in the Educational Sector

By Ryan Crockett, 25 March 2016

Philanthropy and education have forever been intertwined as a naturally intimate blend of charitable giving and generational development, and they’ve now joined forces as philanthropy education. Public schools and universities have relied on the generous donations of prestigious benefactors for centuries, and education currently draws more financial support from philanthropists than any other industries in the world. Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been making headlines for contributing millions of dollars to after-school enrichment programs and has announced plans for “The Primary School,” which will provide cost-free healthcare to students along with a personalized approach to education.

Philanthropy education
Philanthropy & education have always had a symbiotic relationship, and they have finally unified as one.

We care about our youth, we understand that the next generation holds the future in their hands, and we donate in the hope that they will be better equipped to guide humanity down the right path. It is a fundamental principle of philanthropy that education is of the highest importance to those who care about worldwide social good. Giving to educational causes is an immensely impactful action of social enterprise in civil society, improving the welfare of all while adding precious value to those who need it most.

How Philanthropy Education and the Nonprofit Sector are Influencing a Generation

Philanthropy and education have always been the perfect match, combining the benevolent spirit of giving with the future of our species. The natural evolution of this time-honored symbiotic relationship is now emerging as a term known as “philanthropy education”, which is defined by a nonprofit scholastic emphasis and positive impact on society:

“Philanthropy education teaches youth about the civil society, or nonprofit sector, and the importance of giving time, talent and treasure for the common good. Philanthropy education equips youth by encouraging charitable behavior and empowers them to take voluntary citizen action for the common good in their classrooms, communities and lives.”


The spirit of charity is now not only contributing to the success of the classroom, it is also increasing its own presence and making waves within the lessons being taught as well. We are seeing a massive increase in philanthropy education across the United States in K-12 schools as teachers have greater say over lesson plans and are giving back to those who have given to educational institutions in the past. It’s a brilliantly, mutually beneficial way for these two sectors to support one another.

Philanthropy education
The Nonprofit sector relies on the generosity of the benevolent and well-educated among us.

While primary school philanthropy education has seen increased prevalence in recent years, we have also finally witnessed the birth of nonprofit-focused higher education as well, which could influence an entire generation of high-powered MBAs with an inclination toward become benefactors at a much younger age. The London School of Economics (LSE) just opened the Marshall Institute for Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship, and there are plans for similar educational programs in several other major institutions around the globe.

Philanthropy and education have always been a perfect match, a force for social good. Now, philanthropy education is taking this partnership to the next level, for a better future for those who come after us.

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