The Altruistic Power of a Globally Connected Digital Community

By Ryan Crockett, 9 October 2015

It’s a bizarre, complex, sometimes overwhelming time to be alive.

The internet age is bizarre, as the exponential advancement of our species has brought forth remarkable new technologies that have forever transformed the way we learn, communicate, and contribute to society. The internet age is complex, as these new scientific breakthroughs are widely available to the public, accessible through a vast multitude of ever-improving devices and applications. The internet age can be overwhelming, as we are now permanently connected as a global digital community, constantly inundated by internet media, and bestowed with a powerful capacity for social influence online.

Today we can persuade others, fight for a deeply-held belief, even change the world with a few keystrokes and the click of a button.

This newfound influential power for good is precisely why we’re here. This opportunity for change is the mission of Emergent Digital, the reason for writing this blog. Whatever your passion, your purpose, your cause may be, we can help you harness the power of online technology to make a positive difference in in the world around us.

Who’s ready for adventure?

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